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Frequently Asked Questions

If you opt for the $39.99 design and print service- you simply tell us the details you need for one receipt and we do the rest, we can replicate a receipt from a scan if you wish.

The print only service costs $14.99 - if you opt for this service, you make your own receipts (following our guidelines) in MS Word and you email us up to 15 of these receipts/documents you have made, in a ready to print format (you can use our templates if you wish) and we print them using our thermal receipt printer on receipt paper, just like you would get from a store, and mail them to you. For help on making receipts see our making receipts page and out free fake receipts templates page. The print only option requires working knowledge of MS Word, you may have to install some fonts, and be creative.
We also sell fake hotel receipts - these cost $49.99 and consist of an Letter/A4 sized Folio Hotel Receipt along with a Card Payment Slip.

You simply decide which of our products suits your needs:
Our $39.99 full service design and print service- you simply tell us the details you need for one receipt and we do the rest, we can replicate a receipt from a scan if you wish.
Or you may optfor our print only service costs $14.99.
Or you may need our fake hotel receipts service.

In any of the cases - simple go to that product page and enter your email address and click buy now, and you'll be sent the simple instructions to start your process. There'll often be a couple of emails to and fro, but we usually get the process completed within 24 hours.

Many websites offer services like a fake receipt generator, or a fake receipt generator - and they can make you a Computer Generated Image of a fake receipt on screen, most of these services are free, but the end product isn't very authentic looking. Our service for making a custom receipt is a little more specific, you email us the details, and we make the receipt, and we email you a real photo or scan of a real receipt - the physical receipts are also mailed to you.

We can do virtually any store / restaurant / outlet in world.
Whether it's major electronics stores, restaurants, large retailers, luxury goods stores, jewellery or department stores, we can make them. We can make receipts from any country in the world; most of the receipts we make are in English speaking countries such as USA, UK, Canada and Australia - but we can make the from any country/language - but anything not in English, we'll need some guidance from you.

Yes, we prefer if you can email us a photo or scan - we can make a replica for you

Yes, but we usually create a new receipt based on the [photo/scan] of the old receipt and make it from scratch.

Yes, just specify you want us to make you an online store receipt after you pay.

Yes, we can make invoices, credit card terminal receipts, airline receipts, car rental receipts, medical expense receipts.
We can also make labels/stickers to to your specific requirements. Email us with your requirements, and we'll let you know if we can make them, and give you a price.

You decide whether you want to purchase a custom store or restaurant receipt ($39.99 each) or use our Receipt Printing Service, or our Custom Fake Hotel Receipt Product - on each page you will find instructions and a Buy Now Button - Enter your email address and follow the on-screen instructions, and instruction we email you.
It's all fairly straightforward!

If you are purchasing a custom fake store/restaurant receipt, or hotel receipt; we make it within 24 hours and email you a draft in PDF format, once you approve (or advise of any revisions), we print it : at this stage (usually within 24 hours of your order) we email you scans or photos of your printed fake receipt, before mailing you the copies.

Physical Delivery of your Replica Receipts:
All sale prices on this site include delivery.
All our products are shipped via Air Letter Mail service in a plain white or brown envelope and do not mention or fake receipts.
Delivery Times are (Approximately):
UK: 3-5 Working Days
USA & Canada: 3-5 Working Days
Australia & New Zealand: 4-6 Working Days
Other Countries : Shipping times are typically 1 week.

These delivery times are approximate and are not guaranteed nor do they form a contract.
If you have bought a 15 receipt print only service, all must be delivered in one shipping.

We ship same or next day from your order.
We can ship your phoney receipts via courier at an extra cost; if it is extremely urgent, you can have your receipts in your hand in the USA in 2 days.
Due to the nature of postage to India, all orders addressed to Indian addresses are subject to the 'normal' Indian postal delivery timeframe, which ranges from never to 4 months. All orders to India are non-refundable.

We often get requests from customers who require multiple receipts from the same store - with variations on dates/times/amounts/products etc.
What we usually do is these situations is:
We make you a MS word template for the store/outlet of your choice, which is a replica of the store receipt you want, but in an editable MS word format - the cost of this is normally $39.99 ; what you get is an easy to edit MS Word file emailed to you.
You make the necessary changes to this MS Word document, such as dates, times, items etc. Then you email us these Word files for printing - the cost of printing is $14.99 for up to 15 receipts.
Use our custom/replica receipts page to pay $39.99 for a custom store template.
Use our printing option page to pay $14.99 to pay for printing of up to 15 receipts (using the template you have had made).
Email us if you have other volumes of templates/printing of fake receipts.

Example Bulk Order: let's take this example: You need 15 receipts from XYZ store for different items/amount/dates over a few years. What we do is we create a store receipt template in MS Word for US$39.99, then you can save 15 x copies of the variations of the receipt template representing the different dates/items/etc, then we will print those for you for less that a dollar each. This is the cheapest way of getting multiple fake receipts. Working knowledge of MS Word is required.

Please note, we do not offer this bulk order option for hotel receipts, and it may not be available for all receipts - Please check with us before starting this bulk / multiple receipts process.

Please email us for more information -

We usually Print the Receipts on Plain White Thermal Receipt Paper - But We Can Print them on Pink, Blue, Apple Green or Yellow Thermal Receipt Paper - Simply Let Us Know if you want your fake receipt printed on colored paper. Some stores use pre-printed reverse sides (custom reverse side printing on receipt rolls), and watermarked receipt paper; we can reproduce this in most circumstances - but check with us first if it's essential, because we don't want you to be disappointed if we can't do it for you.
When we print on white receipt paper we usually use a heavy-weight 80G SM thermal receipt roll. We also have lighter 60G SM white thermal till roll paper, the colored paper (pink, yellow, blue, green) is the lighter 60G SM.

We always include approx 7 copies* of receipts that we make for you when we mail them to you.
But we often get customers needing different numbers of copies / variants of their receipts, which we can of course accommodate.

When you are letting us know your @fakereceipt needs , remember there is a difference between "# of copies" and "# of variants" of a receipt.
Copies are multiple copies of the exact same receipt.
Variants of the same store receipt; whilst the layout may be the same, you may need to have elements of the receipt changed- such as product, price, date, product codes, product sizes etc.
It's very important you let us know how many copies, and/or variants of the receipt(s) you want made, so we can price it up accordingly.

*For Hotel Receipts, and our Print Only Service, we do not include 7 copies of the same receipt..

It's very simple, we have 2 main products: a full custom fake receipt design and print service, and a print your own receipts service (the print only option is often used in conjunction the full service when people need larger amounts of variations of the same receipt)- on each of these product pages on this website you will see a buy now- simple click on this and follow the on-screen and emailed instructions.

Our fake receipts are excellent, we show some images of them on this site- however these are generic receipts, if you want to see a sample of an actual fake receipt from a real store, just email us, we'll send you a sample. We have had lawyers from major stores and companies ask us to remove their logos/copies of fake receipts from our site, so that's why we don't show them here. We'll usually send you a sample by email in less than 24 hours.
We love samples too - if you have an existing image of the receipt you want recreated, then email it to us - we love this, as we can let you know if we can make it for you - a picture tells a thousand words!

Our most popular option is for us to make a fake store receipt for you. The cost for this is US$39.99 for each custom store receipt.
The process is very simple:
Click the buy now button on the page of the product you want to purchase - follow the on-screen and instructions we email to you.

Pretend an item of fake jewellery you bought is real - fool people into thinking your fake watch is real.
Pretend you were away in a hotel for the weekend- create an alibi.
One person we created a fake receipt for had went to a lap-dancing bar and spent money on his corporate card - he needed to show his 'itemised' expense weren't dubious - otherwise he would have lost his job (he repaid the company with his own money, but needed to let them know he only used the card for his own meals.
Another person used us our service to create false receipts for a lap-dancing bar, so his wife would divorce him.

False receipts for insurance fraud
Fake receipts for eBay sales - like here - they create false Tiffany's receipts so you can pretend fake jewellery is real or here Fake Versace Bag Being Sold With Receipt
False claims -Hustling like on the BBC
Claim false extras on your expense account - create false Diesel Receipts, create false petrol receipts, false VAT and tax reclamation receipts.
Overclaim your expense account
Reclaiming taxes, and expense in China Bogus Receipts & Fake Invoices
When purchasing expensive items overseas, such as jewellery and electronic equipment, you could use a false receipt purporting to show a purchase price lower than that actually paid as a means of reducing the Customs charges payable.

If you are in the USA then occasionally your US credit card will have a block on overseas purchases with, call your credit card company and ask them to remove this block.

We usually need the following information:
Name of Store
Address of Store
Website of store (if possible)
Date of purchase
Time of purchase
Quantity and type of item purchases
Total price per item (please state whether this is including or excluding the local tax)
Local sales tax
Payment Type on your Fake Receipt  (Cash /Visa/MC etc we don't need card number; you could give us the last 4 digits, it makes it look more authentic)
Provide us with a scan or photo of the original receipt if possible

In most cases, employees are assumed to be honest and trustworthy, and their expense reports go unexamined.
The number one question on an expense audit is validation of the expense with the requirement of original documentation, i.e. an original receipt to be either submitted with the reports or maintained for a period of time for audit purposes.