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Free Fake Receipt Templates – MS Word

We offer a service where you email us receipts that you have made using our MS Fake Receipt Templates (or your own designs based on our guidelines), and we print the receipts (on receipt paper, of course), and mail them to you - anywhere in the world - the fee for the is USD$14.99 for up to 15 Receipts.

On this page you'll find some of our basic free receipt templates.
If you need something a little more complicated, just email us, and we'll try to help you out!


If you are using our receipt printing service to print your own receipts, please remember to follow our guidelines:
The Paper size you should use when designing a receipt is 7.2 cm wide or 2.835 Inches (the length/height doesn't matter, they'll be printed on a continuous paper like in a store anyway) - you can leave a top/bottom/left/right margin Zero mm/inches if you are using MS WORD- as the receipts are printed on 8 cm / 3-1/8" wide paper (so the margin is build in). No Header or footer is needed either - we also recommend you use tables instead of 'tabbing' if you want to ensure good alignment of you products/prices on your receipts.
Also ensure that when using our receipt templates that you either have all the fonts we use on your PC or change them to a standard font.

We can print your fake receipts on a variety of thermal receipt paper colours: white, pink, yellow or blue.

We can also Print or Design your receipts on 55mm receipt paper ( 2-1/4" ) - white paper only on this size paper.

Here's how it works: (Design your own custom receipt, then get it printed on real POS thermal paper)

You download (for free) any of our MS Word Receipt Templates or View them in PDF to See How they look - PDF files have the Fake Receipt Fonts Embedded


Full Service Available

If you want us to make the receipt, identical to any store or restaurant receipt, just email us, and we'll make it for you

Fake Receipt Experts

Most peoples situation when seeking fake receipts are unique.
Pop us an email, and explain your requirements, we can nearly always help!

Restaurant Receipt Template

Fake Restaurant Receipt: This template uses a font called DotumChe (Size 10), Simply download/save the free template (opens with MS word and other word processing programs) and save your versions of it, email them to us, and we'll print them and mail them to you - your fake restaurant receipts will cost you just $1 each delivered.
See the image to the right to see how this receipt prints - it is very realistic. 


Taxi Receipt Template

Free Fake Taxi Receipt Template: This receipt uses the font, Merchant Copy (Size 18) - See the image to right to see how this taxi receipt prints.


Plain Store Receipt Template

Plain Store receipt: it's easy to add the logo of a store to the top of this - make sure its black and white or dark.
This receipt uses merchant copy font, and also a barcode font called free3of9 - make sure both are installed


Free Fuel Receipt Template

Free Fuel Receipt Template: This receipt uses the font, Merchant Copy (Size 15). You can change any of the text. This receipt is printed on 55mm or 2 1/4" wide receipt paper.


For best results using the above receipt templates, we recommend you install these 2 free fonts: Merchant Copy & Free 3of9 (Barcode Font) - install the full family of fonts in for each font.Right-Click on the word document and click 'Save Target As' and save them in an appropriate folder on your PC.

Open them and edit them - replace the name of the store, the logo, the amounts, the items, dates, times etc.

We have some logo and barcode resources here - if you want to add some authentic looking barcodes to make your fake receipt look real. Also some advice on Fake Receipt Fonts is on the same page

The Paper size on the templates is 5.5 cm, 7.2 cm  or 8.0 cm wide (the length/height doesn't matter, they'll be printed on a continuous paper like in a store anyway)

There's no need to change any paper widths or margins in any of these templates. Also, please change any margins.

Fonts: We recommend you use BOLD fonts as they print better.

Purchase our Fake Receipt Printing Service (for US$14.99) - and we will print up to 15 receipts for you and deliver them to your door included in the price.

Email us the word documents with your fake receipt details on them, along with your Purchase Reference

Your HARD COPY of a fake receipt is printed on real receipt paper. You receive it within days of ordering by express post.

If you are having problems creating your own fake receipt - why not use our 'no questions asked' fake receipt design and print service - we are the experts - for only US$39.99 we will create a customized store receipt for you.

Some fake receipt print and design tips:
We recommend you use tables instead of 'tabbing' if you want to ensure good alignment of you products/prices on your receipts.
When the receipts are printed, they crop right below the last text, if you require a little space below the last line of text, then enter a few spaces and size 1 fullstop.
If using our templates, ensure you have the font we used installed, otherwise it may get messed up when you email it us.
No space is needed at the top of the receipt, the receipt printer allows a standard space at the top of the receipt.
If you are using non standard fonts, please embed them in your word documents before you email them to us.
The best way to print preview your receipts, is to use DoPDF. Print your receipts to PDF (check the embed fonts option) and see how they look. This creates a PDF that shows how your receipt will print.
If you are using non-standard fonts in the MS word documents you email us, embed the fonts in the file.

Tips on ageing receipts
Sometimes our customers require receipts from a few years ago- this is no problem, but you have to get the 'fresh off the press' new print look from them, to make them look older.
The best way to age a receipt is to leave it in your pocket or purse for a few days, or leave it in direct sunlight for a few hours, or put it in the fridge overnight- creating a once damp look.

Older receipt templates here and here.