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Do you need a Fake Receipt?

We can make you a replica receipt from virtually any store in the world!

Any Store, Any Products, Any Date, Any Amount!

Did you know you can also make your own fake receipts using simple Word Templates, and we can print these on receipt paper and mail these to you?

We also make Fake Hotel Receipts - We make perfect replacements of Folio Receipts from almost every Hotel in the World!

Replacement Receipts

  • 100's of Uses
  • Photos or Scan of Fake Receipts by Email within 24 Hours
  • Self Printable Hotel PDF Receipts By Email
  • All Prices include Express Airmail Worldwide Delivery
  • Courier Delivery Available
  • Replace Damaged or Lost Receipts
  • Receipt Printing $14.99 for 15 with our Free Templates

* All products sold/designed/printed by are strictly for novelty & theatrical and stage use only

  Fake Store Receipts

Do you want us to create a store receipt or restaurant check for you? We can replicate any store receipt from any store worldwide, and include custom details such as date, items, amounts paid, type of payment etc.


   Fake Receipt Printing

We can print receipts from MS Word and mail them to you. Design a receipt (free templates available) we can print them for you on receipt thermal paper/printer. From less than US$1 per fake receipt, delivered anywhere worldwide!




   Fake Hotel Receipts

Do you want us to create a fake hotel receipt for you? We can make you a replica hotel receipt from any hotel, anywhere for any amount, complete with matching payment receipt. Only $49.99. Hotel Folio PDF's by email in 24 hours!


   Fake ATM Receipts

Did you ever want someone to think you were rich (or poor)? Make your own fake ATM receipts using our free templates or we can do it for you. For pranks, stage or film use - or for getting a date.